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Contact: Mitchell Levy
Phone: 408-257-3000
E-Mail: media@happyabout.info

Innovative SJSU Silicon Valley Executive Business Program Provides Executives with the Skills to Effectively Lead, Manage and Grow their Businesses.

CUPERTINO, CA. - March 15, 2005
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program was created for busy professionals who want to enhance or update their business skills in order to grow their business or advance their careers. The program has helped engineers, technologists entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals who want a first-hand look at how CEOs and CXO-level staff navigate the intricacies of an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment. Here is some feedback from past attendees:

"The SVEBP offers a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals in a very interactive environment. Each session offers a different insight on the interworkings and interrelationships at the executive level by the executives themselves. You can ask the probing questions and receive frank answers on the successes and failures that the executives have faced over the last few years. Through these sessions one begins to truly understand how effective teams operate at the executive level. As I reflect upon my own organization, I now have a better appreciation for the executive activity that happens outside my scope of vision while at the same time it has prepared me to step into the executive role."
Dennis Martin, Sr. Director of Manufacturing Operations, Ditech Communications

"The SVEBP faculty is impressive, knowledgeable and consists of C-level leaders from their respective fields, rather than university lecturers. The content is current and tied back to real-world scenarios rather than textbook theory. I was able to apply many of the techniques immediately in my daily work. The group project provided a great challenge - we prepared a business plan and pitch to real VC's for a real company seeking venture funding. The experience was both fun and immensely rewarding."
Ian Simmonds, VP Custom Solutions, InsureWorx Inc.

"My fellow student's experience and contributions were invaluable. The knowledge and tools were a tremendous asset to my Startup Company. I personally gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in a few short months! It was a crash course MBA! I submitted my Startup for a case study and it was chosen. The plan and information gave my company hours and hours of objective consulting that would have cost the company a small fortune!"
Dana Schroeder- Director of Sales and Partner at FreeHand Systems

Come to the executive briefing on either March 24 or April 14 from 6-8pm where Program Director Mitchell Levy will discuss the program as well as the economic trends for 2005 from his latest book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2005".

About the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is a unique program exploring business from the perspective of the CEO and the CEO's staff. The key highlights are the in-classroom courses taught by high-level working professionals and the online Ninth House® courses incorporating Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard and others. The Summer Session begins May 13, 2005. Visit http://SiliconValleyPACE.com for more info, or call Mitchell Levy at 408-257-3000 to explore whether the program is right for you. Visit http://profdev.sjsu.edu for more information on San José State University Professional Development or call Debbie Cortez at 408-519-1275 for registration-related questions.



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