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Cupertino, CA - July 11, 2006
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program continues to change the lives of those that attend. "There's no other program in the world like it" says Mitchell Levy, Director of the program. "We create an environment where the participant get the chance to shadow the CEO and seven of their direct staff including the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Finance Officer (CFO), and the Chief People Officer (CPO). You will walk away with insights that would have taken you years (if ever) to obtain," says Levy.

Here is some feedback from past attendees:

"The program was extremely valuable for me. I was blown away from the first session and it continued from there. Got promoted to a director based on the knowledge I've been able to apply from this program to my job."
Satya Dodda, QA Director, J2EE App Server, Sun Micro Systems, Inc.

"As a new CFO, I just passed my 1-year mark. I'm still a person in transition, making the jump from the super-controller role to the CFO role. This program has helped me understand what to expand in my role and what to expect from my peers. The real world hands-on experience of the instructors has been invaluable. Seeing failure and success has been great. They have been an inspiration."
Scott Cross, CFO, AutoTradeCenter

"I've been watching this program for two years and finally made the time to attend. My only disappointment is waiting so long. Not only was the quality of the instructors top-notch, so was the quality of the presentation material and the books. An unexpected surprise was the quality of the peers. I'm a technical person, and wanted to continue to climb in the technical ranks. With the knowledge from this program, I've decided to move in another direction."
Jyoti Pande, Senior Manager, Oracle

"I had very high expectations and they were exceeded. I got everything out of this program that I had hoped for and more, including a new job at which I was moved in line for a promotion after the first 4 months."
Kellie McKowen, Program Manager, TiVo

Come to the executive briefing on August 10th from 6-8pm where Program Director Mitchell Levy will discuss the program as well as the economic trends for 2006 from his latest book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006."


About the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is a unique program exploring business from the perspective of the CEO and the CEO's staff. The key highlights are the in-classroom courses taught by high-level working professionals and the networking among the instructors and your peers. The Fall Session begins September 22, 2006. Visit us online for more info, or call Mitchell Levy at 408-257-3000 to explore whether the program is right for you.


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