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Innovative Program Provides Executives with the Skills to
Effectively Lead, Manage and Grow their Businesses


Cupertino, CA - July 25, 2006
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program was created for busy professionals who want to enhance or update their business skills in order to grow their business or advance their careers. The program has helped engineers, technologists entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals who want a first-hand look at how CEOs and CXO-level staff navigate the intricacies of an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment.

"We are pleased that this program is returning. During the last term, I experienced first-hand the transformation of more than 80% of the students. They not only learned from the instructors and each other, but they appeared to apply that knowledge 'almost' immediately to their advantage," says Sandra Clark, Director of Corporate Training, UCSC-Extension. Mitchell Levy, Director of the program, goes on to say that "I'm excited to offer this program at UCSC-Extension. The Cupertino campus is a convenient location and the facilities are top-notch."

Here is some feedback from past attendees:

"The real draw that totally fulfilled my expectations was the real-world presentations. This has been an excellent opportunity for that purpose. Having been to other kinds of professional programs, this is the best experience I've had and I strongly recommend it."
David Seregow, President, Attaine Performance Corporation

"As I grew up and saw my father run a couple of small businesses he owns in my native country, I understood what he did and his rationale fairly well. Throughout my career in US I found that businesses were run differently here. But, I couldn't completely understand the rationale behind some aspects of the day to day operation or division of labor across the company. I took, almost to completion, the Executive MBA at a US University, but it failed to address some of the questions I had. The thing I liked most about the SVEBP program is the clarity with which I could understand how to run the business. Things happening at my company, good/bad, etc. are much more relevant than before. The classes are short and the directness of the program makes it easier to get working knowledge. The MBA was too theoretical at times."
Luis Roa, Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Ditech Networks

Come to the executive briefing on August 10th from 6-8pm where Program Director Mitchell Levy will discuss the program as well as the economic trends for 2006 from his latest book "Happy About Knowing What to Expect in 2006."


About the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is a unique program exploring business from the perspective of the CEO and the CEO's staff. The key highlights are the in-classroom courses taught by high-level working professionals and the networking among the instructors and your peers. The Fall Session begins September 22, 2006. Visit us online for more info, or call Mitchell Levy at 408-257-3000 to explore whether the program is right for you.


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